Experienced Marketer. Helping companies grow their inbound strategy. Also an avid lover of burgers.

My Story

I come from a family with an ancestral history of STEM based experience from engineers, doctors, and CTOs. So naturally, when I have come to age and was next in line, I did the one thing that made sense. I went to business school, studied marketing and entrepreneurship, and followed my passion.

I am a Katin Chozer from Silicon Valley, who surrounded myself with founders and startups and worked for them throughout high school and university. Now, why did I ever leave such a place?

I returned home, as it was a lifelong dream to live and work in the Israeli Hi-Tech scene, to become a driving force for not only the success of the company but rather the country as a whole. Being a blend of Israeli and Silicon Valleyian has given me my strongest value, an innovative mindset that tackles any obstacle along the way. If you’re looking for someone whose chutzpah enough to make Aliyah during COVID-19, who wants to play multiple hats simply because he yearns to learn, who loves all things marketing, and who exceeds KPI’s, I think I'm your guy.

Recent Projects

A sample of my biggest accomplishments with my current company, Click-Ins

*Disclaimer: This was done with little to no budget

Owned the SEO strategy after the research showed that companies could not find us at Google. This was the result after a 2 month turnaround.

Rebrand for my current company. Collaborated with designers, content writers, soley developed the website.

UI and UX design of frontend app, dashboard (can't quite show that yet :) ) but I designed these wine logos for our clients.

Social Media Management and Analytics.

What I do best 🖥💡

  • Product Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • UX/UI Design
  • Web Design and Development